Investigating the Challenges and Strategies of Cooperation of Large Companies with Small Technology-Based Companies in the Field of Cosmetics and Pre-Event of the Fourth Idea Bazaar of Health, Cosmetics, Detergents and Cellulose Products

A workshop on the “Core-Shell Nanostructure Based on Silica” by Eng. Mohammadreza Kosari
December 13, 2021
The graduate research presentation
January 29, 2022

You are invited to:
Specialized meeting "Study of challenges and strategies for cooperation of large companies with small technology-based companies in the field of cosmetics" and the pre-event of the fourth market idea of ​​health products, cosmetics, detergents and cellulose
This event is organized by Amirkabir Bazaar Idea Technology Exchange Center and supported by Amirkabir University Science and Technology Park.
Attendees at the meeting:
Dr. Hossein Watanpour
Dr. Majid Albooyeh
Dr. Seyed Ali Fatemi
Dr. Abolfazl Abolfazli
Engineer Alireza Mohseni
Engineer Ali Alizadeh
Engineer Mohammad Naderi
Participation in this event is recommended for those interested in innovation and knowledge-based businesses, cosmetics activists, managers of research and development experts, and students and pharmaceutical and chemical technologists.
Thanks to your support of the technologists of the cosmetics and health industry and attending this meeting, the special gift of participating in the "Introduction to the Innovation Ecosystem Webinar" will be presented to you dear ones.
Event time: Sunday, January 5th
Hours: Ten to twelve
How to hold: Online.
Registration link:
Public Relations Idea of ​​Amirkabir Bazaar

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