Amir Aminian


Amir Aminian


MSc in polymer engineering from Amirkabir university of technology

BSc in Textile Engineering-Textile Chemistry and Fiber Science from Amirkabir university of technology

Teacher assistant (T.A) in physical chemistry of polymers  

Teacher assistant (T.A) in Advanced physical chemistry of polymers

Teacher assistant (T.A) in Thermodynamics

A brief research history:

Fabrication of EVA / Graphene / CB polymeric nanocomposite and evaluation of its microstructure for electromagnetic shielding application; in this research a nanocomposite with excellent dispersion of nano particle in polymeric matrix and  EMI SE of 55 dB were fabricated. 

Preparation of Active Carbon from Scraped Tire and its Nanostructure Evaluation; It is very attractive to recycle waste tires to produce activated carbon for supercapacitor applications as a high value product. Achieving to the relation between Precursor-Process-Nanostructure is the main Purpose In this Study. The dispersion of carbon black nanoparticle in the precursor polymer is one of the main parameter controlling the pores nanostructure. Though because of good dispersion of CB in LDPE even after carbonization and activation, co-continuous canals with diameter of 50 nm form and control the pore structure. Moreover porosity development in scarp tire, LDPE and HDPE result in BET surface area of 581, 314 and 317 m2/g, respectively.