Energy materials group (EMG)


Our team focuses on storage of electrical energy with aid of new materials that can increase reliability while increasing efficiency.

Our vision: achieve the lowest cost and highest efficiency with the least environmental pollution.
Our mission: focus on the flexibility of using different sources depending on the using conditions and diversity of electrical energy sources.
Group plans and goals:
1. Research on increasing the efficiency of lead acid batteries using nanomaterials
2. Set up a virtual battery testing system using a multi-channel tester and EIS
3. Manufacture of materials including of cathode anode and electrolyte in lithium ion batteries
4. Integrate education and research for PhD students in our group


Dr. Hamid Omidvar is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering of Amirkabir University of Technology. He received the BS and MS degrees in Materials Science Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology, in 1993 and 1999. He received his PhD degree from the Central School of Lyon (École centrale de Lyon), France, in 2006. Also he has undertaken a postdoctoral research program in the Central School of Lyon in 2007.
Dr. Hamid Omidvar is the founder and director of Innovation and Technology Center for Materials Engineering (ITCME) of the University.