Graphene And Nanomaterials Group (GANG)

Graphene and nanomaterials group (GANG) is the main group of the GAM laboratory which has focused on graphene and nanomaterials synthesis in order to use in various applications.
In the graphene materials part as a subgroup of GANG, we were researching on synthesis and characterization of 2D graphene and graphene oxide composites, 3D graphene hydrogel and aerogel composites, 2D graphene sheets and also 3D printing of 2D and 3D structure of graphene composites. Furthermore, all of these materials have designed for using in specific application such as membrane and filtration, oil and heavy metals adsorption, energy materials, sensors and catalysts. The subgroup could sign four industrial contracts with national public and private organizations in the field of graphene materials design for specific applications. This subgroup consists of a leader, two PhD candidates, 9 MSc. Students, 6 BSc. Students and 3 adjunct researchers. 5 students could graduate from this subgroup at Amirkabir University of technology.
In the nanomaterials part as second subgroup of GANG, we were focusing on synthesis of nanoparticles, core-shell nanostructures and also hollow nanoparticles. The target materials are gold, silver, selenium, selenium sulfide, platinum, polystyrene, silica, zinc oxide, cobalt oxide, NiFe2O4, magnetite nanoparticles and combination of these materials in on nanostructure in order to improve the desired properties such as electrochemical properties, mechanical properties, optical properties and hyperthermia. This subgroup consists of a same leader, two PhD candidates, two BSc. Students and 1 adjunct researcher. 5 students could graduate from this subgroup at Amirkabir University of technology.

Executive director and technician of Graphene and advanced materials laboratory (GAMLab) since 2014.

Teacher Assistant (T.A.) in the bachelor and master degree courses in the field of materials selection, Iron making and Hydrometallurgical process laboratory at Department of Materials and Metallurgy engineering of Amirkabir University of Technology.

Research Assistant (R.A.) in the field of gold extraction, recovery of precious materials from waste materials, lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, supercapacitor, and synthesis of Graphene aerogel composite at GAMLAB.

My research interests include:

Graphene Aerogel (GA) composites Cellulose and engineering polymers, or with nanoparticles of metals and metal oxide, as well as graphene-based composites. Chemical functionalization of graphene, GA and other carbon nanoestructures. Nanostructured Porous Materials. Synthesis of nanostructured materials including via green chemistry methods. Production of nitrogen-doped graphene nanomaterials. Research in electrochemical application and Adsorption application of nanomaterials. Studies of extractive metallurgy and research in Hydrometallurgical process for separation and purification of materials.

B.Sc. (Materials Science and engineering) from University of Tehran (Tehran, Iran, 2007).

M.A. (Materials engineering and Extractive Metallurgy) from Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran, Iran, 2012), Advisor: Prof. Malek Naderi

Ph.D. (Materials engineering) under the supervision of Prof. Malek Naderi, Prof. Davoud Fatmehsari Haghshenas and Prof. Milad Rezaei, (Materials and metallurgy engineering Department) Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran, Iran, 2020).

Researcher and Adjunct Professor at Amirkabir University of technology in field of Graphene-based composite materials and their applications.