Amirkabir University of technology established the Graphene and Advanced Materials Laboratory (GAM Lab) in 2013, under the leadership of Associate Prof. Malek Naderi.

We are interested in nanomaterials such as synthesis of nanoparticles (gold, magnetite, silica, polystyrene and platinum), core-shell nanostructures, hollow nanostructures etc., and issues related to recovery of metals and other valuable components by means of hydrometallurgical process such as gold, silver, selenium and titanium dioxide from secondary source (slimes, sludge etc.) In addition to nanomaterial, GAM Lab has started researches on Materials chemistry and graphene composites since 2013. Our interests lie in fundamental and applied research of graphene nanocomposites and related materials. Current research topics include:

• Synthesis of graphene aerogel and its relative nanocomposites
• Graphene aerogel composites with electrochemical energy storage applications
• Graphene aerogel composites with Oil adsorption applications

The Lab equipped with the state of the art systems for Material synthesis and fabrication as well as Measurement and analysis of them. Some of These facilities include:

High energy planetary ball-mill, Ultrasonicator, Homogenizer, Water purification system, Hotplate and stirrer, Mechanical stirrer, Vacuum filtration system, Centrifuges, Oven, vacuum electrical furnace, pH meter, Potentiostat system with cyclic voltammetry and impedance spectroscopy and etc.

Today, PhD candidates, MSc and BSc students work in metals recovery, graphene composites and graphene aerogels to be used in high-tech instruments or applications such as supercapacitors, oil adsorbent, electromagnetic interference shielding and so on.