Meeting with Director of Technology Development Office of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education

Meeting with members of NIL & Gita battery companies
September 11, 2020
A virtual lecture on the “Electrical and Optical Properties of Graphene and Related Two-dimensional Materials” by Dr. Mostaani
January 9, 2021

GAMLab is interested in the healthcare and medical industries and has a rich history of innovation and research on antibacterial nanomaterials such as gold, silver and platinum nanostructures as well as drug delivery systems and hypothermia using magnetic nanomaterials.

In recognition of GAMLab's on going projects and previously developed products regarding healthcare and biotechnology, IDEBAZAR hosted Dr. Vatanpour to visit our facilities and gave us the opportunity to discuss the capabilities of GAM laboratory to produce products for the healthcare sector of IRAN. We truly appreciate all the efforts that IDEABAZAR has taken to arrange this meeting.

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