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Innovating the Future of Materials Science

The scientists and researchers within the GAM are committed to exploring new concepts, developing novel materials, and creating technologies that propel the field forward. By focusing on innovation, the GAM aims to discover cutting-edge solutions and contribute to scientific advancements.

Transforming Ideas into Real-World Applications

GAM’s researchers strive to bridge the gap between fundamental research and practical implementation. GAM laboratory aims to contribute to the development of technologies that can address global challenges and enhance everyday life.

Advancing Sustainability through Materials Innovation

The researchers in the GAM aim to develop advanced materials that enhance resource efficiency, reduce waste, and mitigate environmental impact aiming to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

About GAM

where Innovation and Scientific Exploration Thrive

Our laboratory serves as a hub for groundbreaking research and development, with a team of esteemed scientists, engineers, and researchers working tirelessly to unlock the full potential of graphene-based structures and other advanced materials. By leveraging our extensive expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we aim to accelerate the discovery and application of novel materials that will shape the future. In addition to pioneering research, GAM Lab is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of material scientists and engineers. We offer educational programs, workshops, and collaborative opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, enabling them to gain hands-on experience and contribute to innovative projects in the field. By fostering a learning environment, we seek to inspire young minds and cultivate a future generation of leaders in advanced materials research.

Prof. Malek Naderi | Laboratory Director

“At GAM Lab, we understand the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing. We actively engage with academic institutions, industry partners, and researchers from around the globe to foster a vibrant ecosystem of innovation. By working hand in hand with diverse stakeholders, we strive to generate impactful solutions that address real-world challenges.” 

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What We research

Through our unwavering dedication to excellence, GAM Lab is poised to make significant contributions to the advancement of materials science and engineering. In this regard, GAM Lab has brought together many academic and industrial partners in 4 research groups and 2 research clusters in order to carry out innovative research projects.

Graphene & Nanomaterials

The Graphene and Nanomaterials Group at GAM Lab is a research group focused on the study and …

Green Energy Materials & Systems

The Green Energy Materials and Systems Group at the GAM Lab is a dedicated team of researchers committed …

Separation & Purification

 The Separation and Purification Group at GAM Lab specializes in various techniques used for separation and purification …

Pigment & Color Technology

The Pigment and Color Technology Group in GAM Lab is a leading research team dedicated to studying and …

Smart Nanofluids & Responsive Materials

The Smart Nanofluids and Responsive Materials cluster is an innovative research division within the GAM Lab that focuses on the development and application of advanced materials for diverse industrial sectors …

Artificial Intelligence in Graphene & Advanced Materials

The primary focus of the AI in GAM Lab Cluster lies in the application of machine learning techniques and innovative deep learning architectures, complemented by computational software, to …

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11 Years of Experience in Research & Industrial Projects

Collaboration has been a cornerstone of our work as we have actively engaged with multidisciplinary teams, fostering effective communication and creating synergistic environments.

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