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Let’s See Our Latest Published Patents

With careful research and extensive development, our team of innovative professionals has successfully created a novel solution to address specific problems or challenges. The published patents showcase our commitment to continuous improvement and our dedication to delivering cutting-edge technology to the market. At GAM Lab, we have always emphasized the importance of intellectual property rights and fostering a culture of innovation. We believe that knowledge sharing is paramount in driving progress in our industry, which is why we are sharing these exciting developments with you.


[1] Stabilized colloidal aphron/graphene derivatives hybrid fluids, US20220017720A1, 2022

[2] Recovering metal oxides form a paint sludge, US20220025483A1, 2022.


[1] Recovery of precious metals from copper anode slime, US20210207244A1, 2022.


[1] Recovery of Gold and Silver from Copper Anode Slime by Selective Electro-Winning, National patent no. 98295, 2017

[2] Gold recovery from copper anode slime, WO2017175032A1, 2017.


[1] Condensation of Natural Red Mud and Producing Artificial Red Mud by Hydro-metallurgy, Mational patent no. 89102, 2015

[2] Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles from Copper Anode Slime as a Secondary Gold Resource by Venmet Restorative Solution, National patent no. 89102, 2015


[1] Synthesis of Silica-Gold Core-Shell Nano-structures Using Secondary Source of Gold, National patent no. 84722, 2014


[1] Synthesis of Gold Hollow Nano-particle by Chemical Etch of Silica Nano-Cores, National patent no. 81452, 2013


[1] Gold Recovery from Anode Slime by Means of Electrolysis of GoldTthiourea, National patent no. 70833, 2011.


[1] Removal and Extraction of Precious Metals from Anode Copper by Means of Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles, National patent no. 60762, 2009.

[2] Manufacturing Scanning Hardness Machine, National patent no. 62904, 2009.